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Save Birnam Arts Gig Celebrates Crowdfunders Success

LISTEN: Kate Bell thanks everyone for their support and explains what’s coming up to celebrate

At the beginning of the lockdown, the future of Scotland’s creative industry seemed uncertain, Birnam arts started its #savebirnamarts in the hopes to ‘guarantee Birnam Arts future’ by raising at least £20,000.

Dunkeld and Birnam, and everyone else who donated, smashed this target after hitting £31,147 on the final day of funding raising.

Giving her reaction, arts development and marketing officer, Kate Bell, said: “We would just like to say an absolutely massive thank you, to be honest, because well we wouldn’t actually be able to still be here and we would have to close the doors.

“So, to everyone that has donated, and shared, and liked and tagged, our posts and popped flyers through doors, just a huge thank you to everyone of you.”

Ms Bell joked: “I think James, the general manager, and I were a bit worried that it would just be our mums that would donate. But thankfully everyone really hurried together and its just been such a phenomenal response.”

To celebrate, while parties in person are not possible, the Birnam Arts team are holding an online gig to offer their thanks to everyone.

Starting with some video’s thanking everyone who donated from members of the team, then moving onto some performances with musical talent, the gig aims to highlight everything everyone loves about the arts.

General Manager, James Irvine, said: “We are totally, completely and utterly blown away by the generosity of everyone who has supported us. Whether that’s been through purchasing a reward, giving straight-up donations, offering very generous items from their business, or by sharing posts and flyers with family and friends, every single action has had a lasting effect in helping to secure our future.”

The gig kicks off at 6 pm tonight, after the thank you videos from Ms Bell and Mr Irvine, which is followed by bluegrass-folk band Good Guy Hank, then harpist Karen Marshalsay and finishing on special surprise from the Birnam Arts team.

Mr Irvine emphasises just how crucial the communities response was: “Birnam Arts is now in a much stronger financial position that really will help us to keep the doors open and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you.”

There’s still time to donate towards the crowdfunder, at 10 pm tonight the page will close for any further donations.

Ms Bell added: “Reaching our stretch target is an incredible achievement which at the very least will help to fund three months of building and operational costs. But remember donations are still being taken – people have until Friday at 10pm to nab one of the limited edition rewards that are still available. 

“Everything we raise will have a hugely positive impact upon our long term sustainability and is gratefully accepted. The invitation for Friday night is open to everyone so we can thank you in person and we’re looking forward to as many people as possible being able to join us.”

To reach the fundraiser follow the link to their crowdfunder page: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/savebirnamarts

A link to the live stream tonight can be found following the link to: https://www.facebook.com/events/688978235303522

In addition, Birnam Arts can be contacted over the phone on the number: 01350 727 674

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