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SCAA Sells Out Popular Christmas Cards

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) have sold out their first batch of this year’s Christmas cards with more on the way.

Hanging high above some of Scotland’s iconic landmarks, one above the red railed Forth Suspension Bridge and the other over Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art in the snow.

Director of Fundraising for SCAA, Nick Harvey, said: “SCAA, which was launched back in 2013, is a hundred per cent funded by donations.

“So we are always looking at ways to connect with the community, and to provide interesting and fun things for people to do that will help to support us.”

Describing the success behind the cards, Mr Harvey said ‘they’re a lovely design’, adding, ‘this year the Christmas designs are proving even more popular than last year.’

Each pack contains 10 cards with five of each design and the money raised goes to help support their life saving work.

Mr Harvey explained: “We operate three hundred and sixty-five days a year and our crews are available right across Scotland, so that’s 30,000 miles of coverage.

“We find that during the summer months, spring and summer, when people are out and about a little bit more tends to be a slightly busier time for us.

“But certainly, times of holidays, public holidays, and Christmas and Easter in particular, when people tend to travel a bit more, keeps us very, very, busy.

“So, it’s good to know that we get the support from the community and that we’re able to be there for them a time of their need.”

More information about their Christmas cards and other merchandise can be found on: https://www.scaa.org.uk/browse

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