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Scammers Pose as the Royal Mail in Pitlochry


Scammers are targeting Pitlochry by posing as the Royal Mail in emails which are telling residents their package will need to be redelivered for a fee.

These scammers are trying to cast their net as wide as they can in the hopes that at least one of the many people they email will have missed a delivery which they were expecting.

One resident emailed the Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch to say: “I received an email timed at 3.45 am this morning advising that Royal Mail had been unable to deliver a parcel as no one was at home.

“The email showed a Royal Mail logo. To rearrange delivery a fee of £3 had to be paid.”

This week another resident was the victim of National Insurance number fraud and gave away their personal details.

Scammers are actively targeting the town so locals should be cautious when a suspicious email or phone call comes their way.

Cath Marshall, from the Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch, said: “This scam come by email, and its made out to look like it’s come from the Royal Mail.

“This is not a new one, the message says they were unable to deliver the parcel because no one was at home and you have to pay three pounds to rearrange a delivery.

“Just delete this email, it’s a scam.”

Scams are difficult to deter, the only prevention is to be precautious and to report any suspicious contact from potential scammers.

Cath Explained: “There’s two ways you can report scams. If it’s a phone scam, report it to Advice Direct Scotland on 08081 646000.

“And for suspicious scams, report it to report@phising.gov.uk

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