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Scotland Exploring Tighter Face Mask Restrictions

Photo Credit: CDC

In an interview with BBC Scotland’s ‘Politics Scotland’ programme, Highland Perthshire’s MSP, John Swinney, said the government is ‘exploring’ options which will help reduce the transmission of the virus.

Mr Swinney, Perthshire North MSP, answered that medical face masks could become the minimum requirement for masks in public settings such as on public transport.

He told presenter Gary Robertson: “The question you raise about the higher-grade face coverings, is one that’s being actively explored today.”

Mr Swinney’s confirmation comes of the government’s investigation into stricter face mask rules comes after Germany and Austria raised the bar to medical face masks in public.

France is another nation which confirms that they are considering making the same decision to issue stricter rules for masks.

Mr Swinney says, ‘We’ve got to make sure that we take the most effective measures to suppress the virus’ as part of the governments approach to developing a strategy.

The deputy first minister added: “Well we have a range of different measures in place that have been successful in reducing transmission of the virus.

“So, we’ve managed to get a reduction of about a third in the level of cases in a fortnight and that’s very encouraging given the very alarming acceleration of virus cases just after Christmas.

“So we are making progress with the measures that we have in place, we will continue to look at what else might be possible to continue that progress and continue to make sure we’re effective in all the actions that we take.”

Germany’s new rules now mean that masks have to be of a medical standard for people to be allowed to wear them out in public spaces.

These masks are generally fitted with filters such as the FFP and N-95 masks.

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