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Scottish Budget Bill to Benefit Millions

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Residents in Highland Perthshire will be among some of these 1.85 million households who will benefit from a new Budget Bill passed by the Scottish Government.

During the debate in the Scottish Parliament, SNP Finance Secretary Kate Forbes announce a further £290 million to help address the rising cost of living.

The new measures include, £280 million to provide £150 to every household who receives a Council Tax Reduction in any band with £150 also provided to all other occupied households in Bands A to D.

Speaking in a statement from the Scottish Government Kate Forbes said, “Firstly, we will provide £150 to every household in receipt of Council Tax Reduction in all Council Tax bands. The Council Tax Reduction Scheme already identifies households in greatest need and will allow us to target this intervention.”

“Secondly, I will provide local authorities with funding to pass on £150 to other occupied household in Bands A to D in Scotland.  In total, combining these elements, 1.85 million, or 73% of all households, will receive £150 of support. I know that the cost of living crisis is affecting households who are not in receipt of benefits, who are not claiming a Council Tax Reduction. And they are facing hardship too. We must seek to do what we can to prevent those households and families on the edge of the poverty line, from falling over it.

There will also be £10 million allocated to continue the Fuel Insecurity fund which helps households avoid rationing their energy use.

More information on the Budget Bill can be found https://www.gov.scot/news/scottish-budget-bill-passed/

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