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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Recruiting in Highland Perthshire

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are recruiting on-call firefights across the stations in Highland Perthshire which are, Kinloch Rannoch, Pitlochry, Dunkeld, Aberfeldy, Glenshee and Kirkmicheal.

The role of an on-call firefighter is not full time and allows them to serve their community while working around another job or commitment, only reporting to the station when called out. In Highland Perthshire Fire stations are made up of Volunteer or Retained Firefighters.

Speaking in the Interview about, James Black, the Crew Commander at the Kinloch Rannoch Community Fire Station explained the role of a Firefighter: “it’s never ending. Its anything and everything, from RTC, Road Traffic Collisions, flooding, obviously the standard house fires, wildfires, animal rescues, water rescues.

“The list isn’t exhaustive, breaking into houses for the ambulance, helping the ambulance lift people, people stuck in different situations in their house. There’s no end to the list as you can imagine.”   

The role is for over 18s, with no upper age limit or gender restrictions, however for both roles there is a physical, medical and eye site test, to determine suitability, as well as a location requirement of being able to be at your station within a certain time frame.

Mr Black went on to explain some of the benefits of working as a firefighter: “There’s other skills. Your obviously learning other skill and being a firefighter. There’s medical qualifications, if your hear long enough you can possibly go for a driving qualification, you’re working as part of a team, you’re out and about in the community and you get the benefit from feeling that you’ve made a difference, you’ve helped someone and it’s that feeling that really kind of drives, certainly my troops on the station here on.”

To find out more information about on-call firefighters and the roles visit https://www.firescotland.gov.uk/careers/on-call-firefighter-recruitment/ or contact James Black on james.black@firescotland.gov.uk who can advise further and put you in contact with the Commander of the station you’re interested in.

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