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Scottish Government to Trial New Carer Support Payment Before the End of the Year

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The Scottish Government has published plans for the introduction of further benefits as part of an updated Social Security Programme Business Case.

The plans confirm that the Carer Support Payment will be the next payment introduced, with Social Security Scotland launching a pilot before the end of 2023, with a national launch in the spring of 2024.

Ben Macpherson, Minister for Social Security said: “Introducing 14 new payments in just over five years is no mean feat. We have built this social security system from scratch, working with the people who will use it to make sure that we provide an improved experience and one that treats people with dignity, fairness and respect.

“Our delivery progressed despite a global pandemic. This was recognised by Audit Scotland who commended us for continuing to ‘successfully deliver new and complex social security benefits in challenging circumstances’.

“We are already providing money that is making a real difference for families on low incomes, people who need help paying for a funeral, disabled people, carers, young people entering the workplace and to help people heat their homes. The people accessing this service are happy with it too – with 89% telling us their experience has been ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

“Our success to date has not made us complacent. Establishing new payments and transferring awards in a safe and secure way continues to be our priority. We have gained a significant amount of experience and knowledge through our delivery to date. This is all reflected in the timetable we have announced. I look forward to these payments being up and running and seeing the reach of our new social security system going even further – investing £7.3 billion by 2027-28 supporting 2 million people each year.”

The results on a consultation for the new payment, which ran between February and May 2022, will be published in the coming weeks, with the Carer Support Payment set to replace the Carer’s Allowance for new applications.

All those currently in receipt of the Carer’s Allowance will have their award automatically transferred to the new scheme, with the Department for Work and Pension already developing a process to do this.

The Carer Support Payment will be the 14th benefit to be introduced since the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 was unanimously approved by the Scottish Parliament.

For a full copy of the Updated Social Security Business Case visit https://www.gov.scot/publications/executive-summary-social-security-business-case-february-2023/

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