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Scottish Greens Announce Highland Ward Candidate

The Scottish Green party have announced Mary McDougall as their candidate for the Highland Ward in the upcoming Local Elections on the 5th of May.

Mary McDougall has been active in the community and with environmental projects in Highland Perthshire for many years. While focusing on Biodiversity and Climate change, she is also acutely aware of the challenges facing those who live, work, and bring up a family in a rural area and is keen that they have a strong and influential voice.

Speaking about what her focus will be on when standing as the Scottish greens candidate in Highland Ward is Mrs McDougall said: “My main focus is seeking to generate a sustainable environment for people who live and work in Highland Perthshire and putting that at the very heart of any decision making.

“While we are rich in natural assets here, sustainability also needs to encompass rural housing, transport, connectivity as well as enhancement of our environmental capital, as well as wildlife and insects. It means considering the part we all can play at a local level in mitigating the global biggies of climate change and biodiversity loss, while meeting the challenge of improving equality in a rural area.”

Mrs McDougall went on to explain why it is important that everyone who is eligible to, comes out and votes in the upcoming election saying: “Voting in a local election means you can have your say in the shaping of your community. It gives you a voice and a change to exercise democracy at grass roots level.

“It’s every bit as important as a general election. I’d encourage everyone who’s eligible, 16 years onwards, what it means to live in a democracy. How valuable are your rights and also how important your responsibilities?”

Anyone aged 16 and over can vote in the upcoming local election and the deadline to register for an in-person ballot is the 18th of April 2022, with the Postal vote deadline is 5pm on the 19th of April 2022.

You can register by visiting www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. If you have already received a poll card at your current address, this means you are registered and don’t need to register again.

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