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Scottish Milk and Health Snack Scheme Open in Perth and Kinross

Perth and Kinross Council have announced that they are re-opening applications for the Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme (SMHSS).

The scheme that originally began on the 1st of April 2022, aims to support the health and well-being of young children as well as promote healthy behaviours from an early age. The scheme provides children with a healthy snack and a carton of milk or milk alternative.

 The SMHSS is provided in pre-school day care and childminder settings, that have been registered with the Care Inspectorate, in which children spend two or more hours a day.

The scheme is also available for children under the age of one year-old, in this case a baby formula is available.

The aim of the scheme is to implement healthy eating and drinking habits in young children that they will hopefully retain going forward in life. The snack provided will be a serving of fresh fruit or vegetables which paired with the 189ml carton of milk or milk alternative (for children who do not/cannot consume animal milk for medical, religious or ethical reasons) provides a healthy snack for a young child.

The healthy snack and milk will be provided to the child by the childcare setting and the parent/carer of the child should not be charged for the provision. This is due to the scheme having provided the childcare setting with the funds to pay for the snack and milk.

The cost per provision will cost a flat rate of 58.2p. Settings that avail of the scheme will be required to make a minimum of one payment for the snacks and milks each month. Settings will not be required to keep a hold of receipts, invoices or contracts as proof of purchase, but this is encouraged as it is good practice.

To sign up to the scheme and/or check your childcare settings eligibility to join the scheme visit: https://kwiksurveys.com/s/yrZwY2a7/i/0

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