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Scottish Parliament Looks to Celebrate Highland Perthshire Hero

Image: Warner Bros

The Scottish Parliament is calling on communities across Scotland to nominate their local heroes to join in the official reopening of the Scottish parliament in October.

Highland Perthshire’s MSP’s asking for Highland Perthshire and the rest of the area to get in touch with the names of the people who’ve most made a difference in the last year.

Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, Murdo Fraser wants people to get in touch with him with their nominations.

Mr Fraser said: “As MSPs, we have all heard directly of the difficult circumstances that faced many people in our communities due to the pandemic. However, we have also heard of many uplifting stories of people and communities coming together to protect those most vulnerable.

“It is only fitting that the Scottish Parliament can play it’s part in celebrating and honouring those that have made such a positive difference during challenging times. As part of this, I am encouraging residents to contact me to nominate their local hero. 

“The person selected will be invited to join me at the Parliament’s Opening Ceremony to recognise their contribution.”

Anyone who knows someone who should be nominated can get in touch with Mr Fraser through his parliament address:  Murdo.Fraser.msp@parliament.scot

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