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Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

Lady Gaga’s dogs found safe and well after being stolen at gunpoint
PICTURED: Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs who were stolen this year during a walk.

The past year of families being locked down at home has led to the adoption of many new dogs and this demand has caused an increase in the price of popular breeds and incidences of theft.

Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch has compiled a guide on how to always keep your furry friends safe.

Cath Marshall from the Neighbourhood Watch said:

“Keeping your pet safe includes not leaving your dog tied up and unattended, ensuring your garden/yard is secure against trespassers and making sure your dog is wearing a collar and ID tag.

“Make sure that microchip details are up to date, have photos of the front and side profiles of your dog including any unusual markings and training your dog not to go out of your sight while on walks or using an extendable lead.

“Be aware of strangers who show interest in your dog and not allowing them to take a photo of or with your dog.

The boom in dog ownership has also translated to an increase in dog fouling which the Neighbourhood Watch group are keen to address.

It is an offence for anyone responsible for a dog to not immediately clean up after their dog and dispose of it appropriately.

Cath added:

“Dog owners are expected to clear up after their dog. Most do, but a small minority still need to get the message and do the right thing.”

Fixed penalty fines may be issued to offenders upwards of £80.

Dog owners are being urged to keep their pets safe and remember ‘bag it and bin it’.

For more information or to report dog fouling, please visit Perth & Kinross Council’s dedicated website or phone 01738 476 476

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