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SNP Announce Local Election Candidates for Highland Perthshire

Cllr Mike Williamson, Sally Murray, Melanie Kinney and Cllr Grant Laing

The SNP are the latest party to announce their candidates who will stand in the Highland Ward and the Strathtay ward for the upcoming local elections. Residents of Highland Perthshire will be able to vote in three councillors in each ward to represent their area on the Perth and Kinross council for the next five years.

Cllr Mike Williamson will be returning to stand in the Highland Ward while, Cllr Grant Laing will be running for a third time in the Strathtay Ward, having served two terms. Cllr Williamson will be joined on the Highland Ballot by Sally Murray, and Melanie Kinney will be standing alongside Cllr Laing in Strathtay.

Speaking at the announcement, Cllr Laing shared what it means to him to be selected again for the Strathtay Ward: “This will be my third time I’ll be standing, and I’m delighted to be there, and I would like to think that everybody whatever their political persuasion knows that I will represent them if I’m elected again.”

Cllr Laing also shared his views on why people should get out and vote: “It’s probably the most important election, because it’s what right in people’s faces it’s what happens on their doorsteps. It’s not national its actual thinks like your roads, your education, children’s educations, bin, et cetera, things that really affect people and are right in people’s faces. That’s what we do at the council, and that’s we can shape and take forward if we are the administration but, people have to get out and vote, 35 per cent of people voting is not enough. It does not give you a mandate to be doing everything. We need to be up nearer 60/70 per cent as we are in national elections.”

Melanie Kinney who is standing for the first time shared her views on why it is important for everyone to vote in these elections: “It’s critical that people come out and vote in this election because it’s their opportunity to have a say so in what’s actually happening in the community. This is my first time standing and I feel very honoured to have been chosen to stand for the SNP, so that I can have the opportunity to shape the future of the community based on the SNP values and ensure that we are able to achieve a fair and equitable opportunities here in Perth and Kinross.”  

Cllr Williamson will be standing again and shared how he feels after being selected to stand again: “It’s just an absolute honour to have been selected to be standing for the SNP once again. I know need to go forward and find out what the electorate think.”

Cllr Williamson also shares why he thinks it important for everyone to vote: “It’s really important. I mean from my perspective; we’re voting local issues and it’s really important that people get out to vote for us all.”

Standing in the Highland Ward alongside Cllr Williamson will be Sally Murray, who shares why she is standing as a local councillor: “I am fed up with the way politics are in the UK in general. I think it’s a steppingstone to getting involved in politics and I’m really enjoying the canvasing so far.”

She also shared her views on the importance of the young people who will be able to vote to go and cast their ballot: “I think it’s really important. I think young people are more engaged with politics in Scotland than they used to be. I think since the 2014 election people are very aware of what’s going on so I hope they will come out and vote.”

Anyone aged 16 and over can register to vote in the upcoming elections, the deadline to register is at 11:59pm on the 18th of April.  And can be done by visiting, https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

You can also register for a postal vote which can be done at, https://www.gov.uk/how-to-vote/postal-voting, and the deadline to register is 5pm on the 19th of April.

All SNP candidates standing in Perth and Kinross
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