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Steps Being Made to Crack Down on Fly Tipping

Murdo Fraser, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, is putting forward a private members bill in the Scottish Parliament to crack down on fly-tipping.

He’s looking to see greater enforcement and punishment made against the crime, which he feels more could be done against.

Now the government are looking to work together to bring an end to the issue which has become worse in recent years.

Mr Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “I was pleased with the positive response from the Minister for Environment. I am delighted that I have secured a meeting with her, and I look forward to working with the SNP Government to tackle this problem together.

“Fly-tipping has become a scourge on our landscape, affecting people right across the country. The situation had become so bad that I decided to work towards a Members’ Bill on Fly-tipping, with a view to changing the current legislation as it obviously isn’t working.

“One of the key issues I am looking at is ensuring there is strict liability of who is responsible for dumping fly-tipping. Local authorities are often left to sort out the mess, but there is a great frustration caused by the amount of work and effort involved in putting a case together for prosecution, with only a tiny percentage reaching the courts.”

Speaking in parliament,  Minister for Environment, Biodiversity and Land Reform Màiri McAllan said she would like to meet with Mr Fraser to see what can be done.

Màiri McAllan said: “I understand the frustrations of local authorities, the police, the Procurator Fiscal Service and, of course, those people who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with fly-tipping on their land. I live in a rural area and I have had personal experience of the issue, so I know how frustrating it is.

“I am aware of the bill that the member is developing. I have not seen the content of it yet, but I would be glad to meet him to discuss it.”

During the pandemic, issues of dirty campers rose as staycations became popular when international travel was inaccessible and some recycling was dumped because of limited access to disposal centres.

Mr Fraser continued: “I am also looking at better reporting of incidents of fly-tipping – there needs to be a central body dealing with this. And I believe we need to look at strengthening the deterrent to put people off dumping fly-tipping. The maximum fine that can be imposed by local councils at the moment is only £200 – this needs to be increased.

“It will be interesting to hear what the SNP Government are proposing, and I look forward to meeting with the Minister to discuss this.”

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