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Tayken By Me Photography Competition Boasts Highland Perthshire in Pictures

LISTEN: Amy Liptrott and Alan McCredie share their judging process

The Tayken By Me Photography Competition is showing off Highland Perthshire from the creative angle of local photographers across the area.

Photos from Logierait and Kenmore made it into the final winning categories in the Trees of the Tay and architecture.

Professional photographer and competition judge, Alan McCredie said: “It was lovely to see something that gave people something, that was quite creative, to do, people really sort of rose to it.

“Judging by some of the entries, people actually spent time on it and thinking about it and going out with the cameras. So, it was really inspiring when it was so easy just to sort of sit around and twiddle our thumbs, these people actually went out and took the photos.”

Architecture of the Tay: Georgina White The Bridge at Kenmore

The competition was put together by the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in association with the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, alongside local photographers Alan McCredie and Cat Burton.

Associate director at the Pitlochry Theatre and judge, Amy Liptrott said: “I complied the long list, and that was every single entry that came in and shared them with the other judges who were Cece Bodice at the perfect Kinross countryside trust, Cat Burton, Alan and myself. And we all shortlisted from that.

“And then we got together on a zoom call and shared the screen and we all voted for which we wanted. It was brilliant.”

Hidden Details of the Tay: Melanie OFlynn Lichen on a Wall Bridge of Balgie Glenlyon

The judges were looking for pictures which would celebrate different aspects of the River Tay in a new way.

More than one hundred entrants put forward their pictures sharing their inspiration, and creativity borne by the Tay.

Amy added: “It was an image that captured us, and for me, seeing things and going that’s exactly how I feel about the area. That I haven’t seen trees in that light before. I haven’t seen Loch Tay looking like that before. I think there’s, there’s a joy in finding something a little bit unusual, a little bit new, but also a little bit quirky.

“I think we had some really lovely, especially in wildlife of the Tay category, we had some really quirky shots of some leaping salmon and kingfishers and birds and beavers, and they’re just really, really, lovely to find the humour as well as the beauty in it.”

Trees of the Tay: Andy Moir Rising Sun on the Tay, Logierait

The prizes include:

  • Young People: Sponsored by Cat Burton Photography who has offered a workshop to the winner
  • Trees of the Tay: Sponsored by Dunkeld House Hotel who will provide afternoon tea for two to the winner
  • Wildlife of the Tay: Sponsored by Perthshire Wildlife and the winner will enjoy a Beaver Experience for two
  • Architecture of the Tay: Sponsored by The Scottish Crannog Centre who will give the winner a family ticket
  • Hidden Details of the Tay: Sponsored by The Highland Chocolatier who will give the winner a chocolate tasting experience for two

An exhibition sharing the pictures is going to be held in the Pitlochry Festival Theatre and both the theatre and countryside trust will be showing them off on their website too.

Wildlife of the Tay: Gavin Logie taken at Almondbank, Perth and Kinross

Judge and PR & Marketing Officer at Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, Constance Boddice added: “Thank you so much to everyone who submitted entries to the photography competition – we were well and truly overwhelmed by the variety and beauty of the entries!

“The River Tay is such an iconic waterway, and the countryside surrounding it has certainly been represented in all its beauty by the photographers. We hope you all had a great time getting out with your cameras, and congratulations to the winners.”

Cat Burton, from Cat Burton Photography, said: “We had a lot of fantastic entries to the competition. One of my favourites was the Wildlife category – it was amazing to see so many species photographed along the Tay. The Young People’s category was excellent too – we have a lot of great young photographers in the area. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who submitted photos.”

Young People: Arabella Cruickshank Ice on Barbed Wire
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