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Tayside 4×4 Response Seeking Volunteers

Tayside 4×4 Response are looking to recruit volunteers to north of Perth to help them provide their services. The team were set up in 2010 following a few years of heavy snowfall. 

Their responders work to primarily support category one responders, which includes Police, Fire, NHS, and local authorities, but they also provide support to the category two responders, which are utility companies, such as water and electricity providers.

Andrew Bryce, the chairman of Tayside 4×4 Response explains how the charity help the responders: “We are there to support them and by providing four by four transport during bad weather, whether that be snow or flooding and we undertake a range of tasks for them, it might be getting staff to and from work.

“It might be transporting equipment and certainly, in the past we have helped by getting Meals on Wheels out to folk. We help by getting carers out, district nurses out to see people doing like change dressings to administer medications.

“We have also transported patients into hospital for essential treatment such as dialysis, so we’re there to support the work of those organisations.”

The charity is looking to recruit volunteers to help them north of Perth and have a number of roles that can be undertaken, Mr Bryce explains what they roles can be: “We have 3 roles, obviously responders, who are people with four by four vehicles, who ideally have enough seats to be able to take passengers, you’d be surprised some people join up and only have one seat available, which isn’t always very helpful, but people who are willing to come out and drive and help when we’re when we’re deployed.

“We’ve got quite a reasonable sized team, but we need somebody to kind of coordinate that, we have a control team as well, so they are responsible for taking the calls in accepting those calls and then prioritising the workload to the responders.

“That’s quite a responsible role, and that also they’re sending responders out into areas where, generally speaking, the public are being advised not to drive into, so control have a responsibility for making sure that the responders are safe as well and that they’re appropriately rested. And things like that. So that’s one of the other roles that we have which can be quite challenging.

“The other rule we have is for fundraisers. We are a charity, there are no paid staff, and we rely solely on fund raising activities to keep existing.”

Given the nature of the work that Tayside 4×4 response carry out, most work that they carry out takes place over the colder months, and Mr Bryce is keen to get them involved in more activities over the warmer months: “We are keen to start getting involved in some events throughout the summer months, whether that be, having a stall to be able to raise awareness and fundraising, But also, you know we can help with logistics, for events, that might be, moving people from one place to another, it might be moving equipment, towing trailers.

“We can help with stewarding of a marathon route or a cycle route, we can help with stewarding of a car park and as we all know we tend to use fields for car parks in the summer. It is Scotland It’s not always dry, so you know if people were needing pulled out of car parks. If we were stewarding at something, I’m sure we could assist with as well.”

Anyone who is interested in joining the Tayside 4×4 Response can go to https://www.t4x4r.org/ or call 03338804409 and select option 3 for Tayside.  

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