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Tayside Mountain Rescue Receive £10,000 and Look to Build New Base

For their help in assisting with the star stunning laser light show above Pitlochry last month, Tayside Mountian Rescue was given £10,000 towards their life-saving work.

The Enchanted Forest asked if the mountain rescue team could help with some hill safety cover while the laser show beamed above.

Team leader for Tayside Mountain Rescue, Stuart Johnston, said: “We were approached by the enchanted Forest a wee while ago, probably about five-six weeks ago, and they told us about this exciting project that they were involved with about lighting up Pitlochry in a laser show.

“And they very, very, kindly asked us if we would come along and help support their events and do some hill safety cover for the laser technicians that would be on the hill.

“And they also surprised us by offering us a very kind donation to the life-saving work that we do, and we, of course, were delighted to support, but also accept, the very, very, generous donation that they gave to us.”

Image Courtesy of The Enchanted Forest

‘It was like something from another planet’ says Mr Johnston, ‘I think perhaps some people in the local community had thought that aliens had landed or something.’

With the donation of £10,000 the rescue team are keen to ‘develop a new training base’ says Mr Johnston.

Tayside Mountain Rescue are the fourth busiest mountain rescue team, out of 28 other teams, in Scotland.

He added: “What we want to do is keep that money within the community and one of our major projects, that Tayside Mountain Rescue have, is to extend and develop a new training base here in Aberfeldy.

“Aberfeldy, or North Perthshire, including Pitlochry, 68%, approximately, of our annual call outs actually are in Perth and Kinross in north Perthshire.

“So whilst we have a team base over in Blairgowrie, and that’s been central base for years, we really need to develop our outpost here in Aberfeldy.”

The plan is to draw in more than just the mountain rescue team, but to bring other emergency responders volunteers into the fold too.

Mr Johnston explained that a lot of organisations train out of community halls, ‘nothing wrong with that’ he adds, but the idea is to create a hub for volunteers to say ‘come along and join in this facility and actually use it as a training base.’

With this donation the team are able to continue their life saving hard work and move towards a future where their service reaches further into the Highlands of Perthshire.

Mr Johnston said: We’d like to thank the public for their on going support, because we’re entirely funded through communities.

“And particularly here in Tayside, without the community support to help fund this emergency service team and to have this world class service which that Scotland’s mountain teams provide north, east, south and west.

“And for those who don’t know too much about it, visit our website at Tayside Mountian Rescue dot org, get in touch. We would only be too happy to answer questions about the work we do and the people involved with it.”

Anyone looking to get in touch can find the team on their website: http://www.taysidemrt.org/

Or get find out more on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TaysideMRT/

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