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Tayside Police Issue Housebreaking Warning In Perth And Kinross

Tayside Police are warning people across Perth and Kinross of a rise in housebreakings within the area and are encouraging people to invest in Crime Prevention measures.  The warning has been given in the most recent Commander’s Bulletin that was published on Wednesday the 31st of August.

Although there is a risk of your house being broken into at any time of the year, as the autumn sets in and the nights become darker, house breakings become more common as houses will appear darker and emptier due to a lack of lighting.

Crime Prevention Measures can significantly reduce the risk of your house being targeted. Using indoor and outdoor lighting can make your house appear occupied, which will act as a deterrence, and the installation of CCTV cameras and an alarm system will also help to keep you and your house safe.

Further measures such as ensuring that your windows and doors are secure and making sure that all tools in your shed or garage are locked away will also increase the safety of your home.

The Commander’s Bulletin has also warned people to be careful of what they post on social media such as if they are planning on going on holiday or out for an evening meal. Posts such as these can indicate to a burglar when the house will be empty.

A method that can be used by house burglars is posting leaflets and fliers through doors offering to do work for you. This method can be used to work out a list of potential targets. If you receive a leaflet or flier like this don’t hesitate to phone the Police on 101 to report it as this information may help the police to identify groups or individuals who may be involved.

Tayside Police are also asking anyone who witnesses unusual behaviour to report it to them by phoning 101, speaking to an officer in person or by going to your local police station.

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