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The Care and Wellbeing CIC Keep up their Care online

LISTEN: Oliva Robertson explains why one to one care for rural people is so important to her and the organisation

Scotland’s Care and Wellbeing CIC has spent the past year during the pandemic keeping up to date with their clients and members using the power of the internet.

For them, it’s about delivering support and care for people needing care in rural communities on a one-to-one basis.

As part of this, they’ve been keeping in touch online and taking this time as an opportunity to help more people in care and to become carers.

Co-founder, Oliva Robertson, said: “From the client’s point of view, what we do provide access to care providers and wellbeing practitioners with personalised support, in their own area.

“And those providers generally will live and work in the local area and they believe in offering a client choice and control and they listen to what matters most to that person. It’s not just about good care, but also their physical and mental wellbeing.”

And working with their partner, Growbiz, the team have managed to keep doing this with the help of online technology.

Using services such as zoom and Microsoft Teams, the CIC are keeping in touch with everyone who relies on them to help provide support.

Oliva Robertson continued: “We’ve had to quickly upskill ourselves with zoom, or teams or one of these other things that’s available out there.

“It’s not the best, we do miss not having face to face contact with each other, and we’re still able to run out peer support groups.

“Everybody, that wishes to join up, gets sent a link, they’re generally around monthly to six weeks so our monthly newsletter tells people when the next one is coming up. So from that point of view, it works quite well.”

Their service is for both people looking to become carers and people who are looking for people who can help care for them.

The CIC can help support carers into becoming self-employed and navigate them around Scotland’s care system, and also help people in need of care vice versa.

Oliva Robertson explained: “We’re open to everybody, so the eaiest way to get in touch with us is to visit our website on https://thecareandwellbeing.coop/. For people wanting to join there’s an online and you can also email hello@thecareandwellbeing.coop; and your with contact some will get in touch.

“And you can also phone, it’s a Growbiz number, which is 017828 627790 and you’ll be directed to speak with either the director or one of the board members.”

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