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The Enchanted Forest Supports Pitlochry’s Winter Lights

LISTEN: Lesley Williamson explains how the trust is supporting Pitlochry’s Winter Lights

With it being the 20th year anniversary of the Enchanted Forest, it becomes all the more unfortunate that this is the second year in a row it’s been cancelled. 

A spokesperson for the Enchanted Forest said online: “It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we have reached a decision to cancel The Enchanted Forest in 2021.” 

The Enchanted Forest Trust still found a way to give to the Pitlochry community by donating £2000 to Pitlochry’s Winter Lights. 

There has been long-established support from The Enchanted Forest Trust to the town of Pitlochry. Such as local businesses benefitting from the high number of visitors coming to Pitlochry. 

Lesley Williamson, Chair of The Enchanted Forest Trust, said: “We are really delighted to continue the Trust’s long-standing support of Pitlochry’s Winter Lights. The town is very supportive of the event, and we know that local businesses are very much looking forward to our return in 2022.” 

Alistair McMenemie, Chair of the Pitlochry Lighting Committee added: “We are very grateful to The Enchanted Forest Trust for their unwavering support of the town. The lights are supported by a number of prominent local businesses, and it is testimony to the community spirit among organisations in the area.” 

Pitlochry’s Winter Lights are responsible for creating a magical and rejuvenating feel to the streets of Pitlochry. This is done by specified lighting that brings out the beauty of key areas of Pitlochry. Keeping in with the dazzling winter theme, the lights could be snowflake or star-shaped.   

The Enchanted Forest is estimated to pull in a remarkable £7.6 million from the 80,000 visitors to the highlands. Tickets are now on sale for the Enchanted Forest next year in October, with local businesses reporting that bookings are coming fast for the next one. 

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