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The Enchanted Forest Welcomes New Trustees

LISTEN: Debbie Hutchison and Stephen Simpson explain why they’ve joined the trust

The enchanted forest is welcoming four new trustees to their board as they prepare for the celebrations return next year.

Joining the team is Karen Smith, a chartered accountant with over 15 years’ experience working with charities, Stephen Simpson, Managing Director of printing firm Winter and Simpson, Debbie Hutchison, Marketing Director at The Malting House, and Mhairi Cameron, an experienced charity governance and fundraising consultant.

Debbie Hutchison explained why she wanted to join: “As a Perthshire resident, myself, I’m really keen to support events that are showing off Perthshire and I feel quite strongly that the bigger cities tend to often hog the limelight.

“And we have a lot of big events in the central belt and to have something that Highland Perthshire can really embrace and be very proud of is something very special.”

Stephen Simpson added: “I just think it’s wonderful that these events are being planned. I think it’s so, so important because what you can often find when you have a, a break in an event for whatever the reasons, it can sometimes be the final event.

“I think it’s fantastic that plans are there and what absolutely determined to get this event back on the road.”

The trust is now preparing for their first laser light show since before the pandemic, thousands of people are set to join them for the first performance.

Lesley Williamson, Enchanted Forest chair, said: “As we look forward with excitement to our 2022 event, I am delighted to announce these new appointments to our board which puts the charity in better commercial shape than ever.

“Mhairi, Stephen, Debbie and Karen collectively bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the board across marketing, finance, charity governance and entrepreneurship.

“We’re excited about the impact these four new trustees will have on the leadership of The Enchanted Forest Community Trust at a time when we are busy innovating and planning for the return of our much-loved and industry leading event in 2022.”

As some of the challenges facing tourism subside, Debbie Hutchison is expecting the upcoming Enchanted Forest display to be a big draw for visitors from across the country.

Debbie Hutchison added: “And, I’ve said before that tourism had been so badly affected over recent years before the impact of COVID, Brexit, all sorts of challenges and climate change.

“So again, just something positive that we can affect that we can do that we can feel very proud of, all those reasons tick, tick, tick, why not step up and get involved.”

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