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The Legal Requirement to Wear a Mask is Ending

From Monday (18th April) the legal requirement to wear a face covering in most indoor public spaces and on public transport will change to being guidance only.

While the legal requirement is being removed the Scottish Government is strongly recommending that face coverings continue to be worn in indoor crowded spaces and on public transport. With members of the public being advised to carry on taking sensible precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In a letter to the Presiding Officer and relevant Committee Convenors, Ministers confirmed the remaining legal requirements will be lifted as expected on 18 April. With the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon saying: “In recent weeks we have seen steady progress as we move back to a greater sense of normality and a more sustainable way of managing this virus.

“However, our NHS is still under pressure and the most vulnerable members of our society can still benefit from additional measures to protect them from the virus.

“That is why although the use of face coverings will become guidance rather than a legal requirement, I strongly recommend members of the public continue wearing face coverings in indoor settings where possible, and particularly when significant numbers of people are present.

“We should also all continue to follow the latest advice on hygiene, ventilation, testing and of course vaccination to protect ourselves and each other.”

Earlier this month it was confirmed that people without COVID-19 symptoms will no longer be asked to take regular lateral flow tests from this Monday (18th of April).

The change forms part of the Test and Protect Transition Plan, which sets out how testing will become more targeted, with the aim of reducing serious harm from COVID-19.

The changes to Test and Protect mean that from Monday 18th of April:

  • most people without symptoms will no longer be asked to take COVID-19 tests
  • free lateral flow devices (LFDs) for the purposes of twice weekly routine testing will no longer be available for the general population given the changing advice, but will continue to be free for any purpose for which testing continues to be advised – for clinical care, for health and social care workers and for people visiting vulnerable individuals in care homes or hospitals
  • until the end of April, people with symptoms should still isolate and get a PCR test
  • vaccinated close contacts of someone with COVID-19 should continue to test daily for seven days with LFDs

Anyone who does have symptoms of COVID-19 will still be able to book a PCR test as usual until Saturday 30th of April. From that date, test sites will be closed and people with symptoms will no longer be advised that they need to seek a test. The public health advice for people who feel unwell will be to stay at home until they feel better, to reduce the risk of infecting other people.

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