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The Mid Atholl Community Council to Reconsider Road Speeds with Survey

LISTEN: The community council discuss how to engage the community

The Mid Atholl, Strathtay and Grandtully Community Council is planning to reconsider the road speeds across the local area with some community consultation.

They’re looking to put together a survey which will run both online and door to door to find out how people feel about the existing road speeds.

Some members recently raised the issue during the latest meeting where some concerned locals shared their feelings on fast cars passing by.

One community councillor said: “I’m sure most Logierait residents will be very keen to lower the speed limit. I don’t know how much I know that often the arguments opposed to twenty in areas that are very straight, like in Logierait where there’s not a lot of shops, is that there’s lower respect of it because it’s too slow for the area. But that said it doesn’t mean that we can’t do it.”

One suggestion is to set the speed limit to either 20mph or 40mph in certain stretches.

It was put to the council “For example, if you go up the south side of Loch Tay, you ended up in a 60, then you end up in a 20, then you ended up in a 30 and then you’re in a 40, I mean the whole thing is so confusing for people and therefore some people would think that they’ve got a good reason not to know what the speed limit is.”

Soon the community council will be putting out their survey, more information on the council can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/midathollcc/

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