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‘The Most Important Thing is to Share your Story’ When the Country Opens up Again

WATCH: Sophie Radcliffe talks about what travel to Highland Perthshire means and what that will mean after restrictions ease

The First Minister announced Scotland’s route map out of the lockdown restrictions over the next few months, marking a radical change in the rules for the coming months.

From April 26, travel within Scotland is set to be allowed again and after last year’s restrictions eased, staycations proved to be more popular than ever.

Sophie Radcliffe is one vlogger who took a three-day trip back in 2019 and she shared her thoughts with us on what makes Highland Perthshire such an attractive destination and what tourist will be expecting when the country opens up again.

She said: “It was so magical because, I think I was only there for three days, and the three days were so different from each other. They were really packed full of staying in different, unique, places.

“Every place that I stayed in had a story, and it was about the people’s journey and their journey and what they were bringing to life through the food and the décor and the place and all of it, it was so amazing.

“And I love that kind of thing, I love to go somewhere and know that your investing in someone else’s dream.”

For Sophie, she says that the story is the most important element of a journey, especially in a place so rich in heritage and personality like Highland Perthshire.

In an earlier interview with, Loch Ness hotelier, Willie Cameron, he said that local tourism outlets have to go beyond just offering a place to stay.

He explained: “It’s a big job, it’s not just making beds and doing a good Highland breakfast for them, [business owners] they’ve have got to look into the psyche.

“And the only way to find that is looking to see what the trends are, what is trending out there. Again, you have to look at it from the point of view that they’ve had a lot of time on their hands.”

Sophie’s adventure included mountain climbing, bungee jumping, rafting in the Tay, topped off with whiskey and the spa treatment at night.

Willie Cameron says that businesses have to be prepared to help connect their customers to the rest of Highland Perthshire.

Mr Cameron added: “You’ve got to be like google, you’ve got to be like Wikipedia, you’ve got to be all answering.”

Making guests apart of this story and including them in the community is the most important thing says Sophie Radcliffe.

She added: “Is it a family run business? How long has it been in the family? And what’s your story? Just bring that to life and share the stories with the people who come and experience your business as well.

“If they take pictures in your kayak or your restaurant, or whatever, and share those pictures and say it was so nice to meet these people today.

“It’s building that sense of community, it’s building that sense of community and connection which I think we’re all missing, feeling something that is important and brings us value, those really valuable connections.”

Listen to the interview here: https://soundcloud.com/heartlandfm/challenge-sophie-are-you-ready-sophie-radcliffe-soundcloud-cut

More information on Sophie Radcliffe can be found on: https://www.challengesophie.com/

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