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‘The old band’s back’ as Feldy Roo Ready’s up for this Lockdown

LISTEN: Gavin Price explains how Feldy Roo’s helping reach people in the further stretches from Aberfeldy

From Kenmore to Ballinluig, Feldy Roo is ready to deliver meals across Highland Perthshire for those who can’t make it outside.

Since it’s risky for people who’ve been asked to shield by their doctors to go outside, local restaurants and volunteers are helping to make sure Highland Perthshire’s vulnerable are not left behind.

Gavin Price, owner of the Fountain Bar and Feldy Roo’s organiser: “We don’t know how long this lockdown is going to be, it’s possibly more prevalent now in spreading the new variant of the virus.

“So, I think it’s very important that we’re there to stop people from having to go out to shops and we can deliver meals to them, so it’s very important that we reach out to these people.”

Starting back at the beginning of the lockdown, Feldy Roo has delivered well above 40,000 meals since the first lockdown.

With local businesses footing the cost of free meals to start, then donations sustaining the project as it grew, the local community of Aberfeldy and beyond is banding together to look out for one and other.

Now the team are looking to help out in the further stretches of Highland Perthshire. The movement is spreading east and is looking for volunteers to help out.

Mr Price added: “I was possibly worried there wouldn’t be the same appetite this time round, but I shouldn’t have worried about that because it’s been amazing.”

The community spirits proved just how much Highland Perthshire has been able to come together to help each other.

Continuing, Mr Price said: “The response we’ve had has been overwhelming again, volunteers are all keen to get involved, the restaurants didn’t need to be asked, they were throwing their hat in the ring straight away.

“The old band’s back in terms of the restaurants doing the evening meals and it’s good to see that the appetite’s there to do this again.

“Which is good news for our area, I shouldn’t be surprised about it because the whole area’s been fantastic about support.”

Feldy Roo’s here to support isolated people who can’t make it outside by offering newspapers and free meals throughout the day.

Mr Price explained: “Now that we’re into a almost full lockdown, similar to what we were in March, we’ve extended that again to take in almost all of our residents over 70 or that are shielding.

“So, if any residents in our village are getting letters from the doctors requiring them to get into shielding, we would urge them to get in touch and we would add them to the list.

“Which is increasing by the day, which is good to see, so we really want to make sure people have the options to stay indoors and stay safe.”

The best way to get in touch for support from , or to offer to help, Feldy Roo is by contacting their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FeldyRoo

Or by phoning the Fountain Bar between 4 pm – 7pm on: 01887 820418

The alternative mobile number to phone is: 07584 665423

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