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The Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust Takes on a new Conservation Officer

LISTEN: David Tollick explains why he’s so passionate about the countryside and what he’s planning to do in it

The Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust has employed a new conservation officer who will be taking care of Highland Perthshire’s biodiversity, conservation and climate change projects.

For the trust, their long term strategy and Mr Tollick’s role in the local environment ‘could transform the environment of the area for the people who live and work here, and for those who visit.’

David Tollick said: “Yes, the trust is a charitable organization which works in the Perth and Kinross area and delivers a number of key projects, which I think people in the area will be kind of familiar with. For example, the Cateran Way the big tree country project, the busy developing the Tay Way, which has an exciting proposal, for a a long-distance footpath between Aberfeldy and Perth.

“And in fact, the cycle part of that extent to Dundee. And we also have at the moment a significant project linking Abernethy with Bridge of Earn, which is a footpath cycle path creation project. So I, you know, it’s, it’s a diverse organization is focused on delivering key projects for access to the countryside and for conservation and the Perth and Kinross area.”

But the job of looking after the environment doesn’t just rest on his shoulders and those of the countryside trust.

And when it comes to Highland Perthshire, Mr Tollick thinks there’s lots of people who are already eager to do their part.

He added: “Well I think local people already enjoy a great opportunity to, to access nature and to access the countryside and Perth and Kinross area, and of course the trust has been happy to support that. In terms of what people can do to help many people already do help.

“I’d happy to direct people to those, if they want to, but many people are enthusiastic already and have established their own, you know, their own way of contributing to help nature.”

The rest of the team are happy to see Mr Tollick join them as they also work to do their part in conserving the outdoors Highland Perthshire boasts.

Peter Quinn, PKCT Trust Manager, said: “We are thrilled to welcome David to the team, especially given all of his previous years of experience as a countryside ranger. He will lead the charge on PKCT’s new involvement with local biodiversity and species conservation in keeping with our continued aims of allowing everyone to enjoy, learn about and treasure Perthshire’s incredible countryside.”

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