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The Pitlochry Community Action Plan Meets Tonight

Pitlochry’s Community Action Plan is set to move onto the next phase with an upcoming Zoom call this week which the organisation is keen for locals to attend.

Pitlochry Community Action Plan Volunteer, Susan Brown, said:

“The Community Action Plan is something that communities across Scotland have been doing for a while now.

“It enables them to pull together a business case to get action and funding from local government

“More so now than ever, if we want to do something in the local community, it has to be backed up by this community action plan.

“A number of people have got together based on the work of STAR consultants that work with Perth and Kinross Council and we’ve put together an expression of interest document that allows us to move this forward.

“The real work starts now.

“I’ve lived in Pitlochry all my life and I’ve never really had an opportunity to get involved with some of the local stuff.

“With COVID, I’ve found I had a bit more time on my hands and it gave me the opportunity to try and do something for the people of Pitlochry.

The preliminary steps of the work have been done but the committee is keen to hear from members of the community about what life in Pitlochry means to them.

Susan added:

“We had two early meetings just before we started to try and work out what it was about, but the real work is going to start shortly.

“We have a meeting on Thursday at 6pm via Zoom.

“This is pulling together volunteers from the local community who want to work with the steering group to work out how we ask the community for their views.

“This is not about what we think as a steering group, this is about what the community thinks.

“We’re going to be putting together a questionnaire to go out to everybody and it’s going to have some key questions on it. What do you like about living in Pitlochry? What would you change about living in Pitlochry? If you could change one big thing and one little thing about the community to make it a nicer place to live what would those be?

“We are asking the community for their views and from that we will be putting together an action plan.

“We’ll be talking to the community all the way through, we’re not making any decisions on our own.”

To register your place on the Zoom call, email:


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