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The Pitlochry Community Action Plan Needs your Help

LISTEN: Karen Allen explains what the CAP is all about

The Pitlochry Community Action Plan (CAP) is looking for volunteers to help distribute their survey across Pitlochry to make sure everyone in the community has their say.

Their survey is looking to hear from the people of Pitlochry to find out how locals want to see the future of the town.

Karen Allen is one volunteer in the CAP and she explained: “The idea is to get as many views as possible for people in Pitlochry of what do you think of the future of Pitlochry and how we should be heading the right way forward for us.

“And of course, everyone has their own idea of how things should be. So this is the best way for us to get everyone’s idea.

“It’s going to happen through a survey and as the volunteers are trying to get it together in Pitlochry have help from a steering group called star development, and they will help us collect everybody’s information and get everyone in Pitlochry’s views, hopefully together and collated.”

The upcoming challenge for the action plan is to get the survey out to people across the town by having people who live their play their part in getting the survey out there.

Karen Allen said: “We really do need some help with this. Obviously it’s a big job to try and get everyone’s views. We are planning to have a survey delivered to everybody’s house in Pitlochry or in fact, in all of the Pitlochry community council area.

“So, we have street by street by street of Pitlochry that needs people to go around and deliver the survey and then go back and collect it.

“It’s not a huge thing to ask, but it could be your street, that we don’t actually have someone to go and deliver it and get the views. And it’s really, really important that we have managed to go around everybody and Pitlochry and get the survey to them.”

Here is a list of the remaining streets needing volunteers to hand the survey out:

Duke of Edinburgh Drive

Perth Road

Port na Craig

Foss Road

Dundarach Drive

Dundarach Gardens

Knockfarrie Road

Tummel Crescent

Ferry Crescent

Prospect Place

Elm Court

Atholl Road to junction with Bonnethill Road

Atholl Road from Bonnethill Road junction to Larchwood Road junction

East Moulin Road from Tomcroy Terrace to Moulin

Ballinlochan Terrace

Old School Place

Irvine Terrace

Murray Place

Mill Lane

Greenside Road

Birnam Place

Cloichard Place

Station Road

Rie-Achan Road

West Lane 

Dalchampaig Court

Armoury Road

Park Terrace

Windsor Gardens

St Colm Place

Baledmund Road

There is also a post open for a community connector too, this is someone who works freelance for the CAP to link up with stakeholders in the community.

That could involve interviewing community groups, companies and other organisations in the town to find out what they’re needs are.

Karen Allen added: “We do need somebody to join the group as the person who will actually really stand in as the Pitlochry person who will connect with businesses and serve in our area and conduct interviews and community groups to try and get a whole idea of what these area, these people also need their needs are for Pitlochry going forward.

“It is a paid position. You work as a freelancer and it’s only between I think, November to March. So it’s a short period of time. So if you’re available and you could do that job, that would be brilliant because we really do need someone who really has a good, strong feeling for wanting to meet Pitlochry better in the future and has good communication skills and can go around interviewing.”

More information on the CAP and how to get involved can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/PItlochryCAP

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