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The Pitlochry Community Council goes into Abeyance

Photo Credit: Gary Campbell-Hall

The Pitlochry Community Council is now in a state of abeyance, meaning that the council is currently suspended.

This has happened after members of the council resigned leaving the council without enough members to continue.

A spokesperson for the Perth and Kinross Council said: “Pitlochry Community Council is currently in abeyance due to insufficient members.  Perth & Kinross Council will hold a by-election for members over the summer and details of this will be available in due course.”

Members of the former community council reflected on the misfortune of the council coming into abeyance.

Former sectary of the Community Council, Andrew Holmes added: “It’s a shame that the CC is in abeyance but hopefully this will be short term. A number of people have approached me and there should be enough interest to get a Council up and running. It’s important that Pitlochry has a CC with the current state of the town and with PKC investment going elsewhere.

“Community Councils are statutory bodies and need an active membership.”

Councillor John Duff also commented “Pitlochry and Moulin Community Councillors have worked hard for a long time to represent these two communities so it is a great pity that it has folded. This means that there are two areas in Highland Perthshire which are not represented by a Community Council – Pitlochry & Moulin and Kinloch Rannoch.

“I very much hope that residents will respond to the call for new Community Councillors to come forward when the Council holds fresh elections over the summer.”

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