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The Tampon Taxi Delivers Across Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Jenni Keenan explains how local women and girls can use the service

A free use delivery service for period products is now available to anyone in Highland Perthshire to have single-use or re-usable products delivered monthly right to their front door.

Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Service (PKAVS) ran the Tampon Taxi throughout the pandemic, providing period products to anyone in Highland Perthshire who needed them.

PKAVS Empowering Communities Team Manager, Jenni Keenan, said: “In the first lockdown, it became quite clear that people needed a wee bit of extra help especially if they were shielding or self-isolating so we launched a delivery at home service.

“When we first started back in 2020 it was quite a small selection of products we offered but we now have a whole range of things such as your traditional single-use products – we have a wide range of different pads, different tampons but we also offer reusables which might be slightly harder to get your hands on in other places.”

January of 2021 saw the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill be actioned. Under the bill, the Scottish Government must set up a nationwide scheme to allow anyone in need of period products access to them free of charge.

The bill also covers schools, colleges and universities who must make a range of free period products available in toilets.

PKAVS Tampon Taxi offers a range of options such as a regular monthly delivery of products.

Jenni added: “All the products that we offer are completely free and they can be delivered to people at home.

“We’ve got a couple of options if you want to try something out.

“Say you want to try a reusable. You just get in touch with us either by text or by email and just let us know your address and what it is that you’re looking for and we’ll arrange for one of our volunteers to get that to you.”

The service provided by PKAVS Tampon Taxi is an integral resource for the community in Highland Perthshire and the charitable organisation currently has no direct funding for delivery of the products.

Donation of products to PKAVS can also be done through a give or take box, located at their Perth office.

Jenni explained: “We don’t have any specific funding for delivering this service so we would love to get to a place where we know that this service is sustainable and reliable and it does have money to support it so that people can rely on it and there’s not that fear that the support is going to go away.

“If you would like to make a one of donation or a recurring donation the team can obviously talk you through that and that would be gratefully received.

“The other option to donate products is a give or take box. Folk can always drop products there.

“If someone wants to donate products by that’s not an option just get in touch and we are making deliveries up there so we can find a way to make that happen.”

For more information or to get in touch with PKAVS Tampon Taxi please visit: https://www.facebook.com/PKAVSTamponTaxi/


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