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The Upper Tay Transport Group Launches New Hub

LISTEN: Emma Burtles explains what the new hub has to offer

Residents of Aberfeldy came together on Friday 18th June to celebrate the launch of the Upper Tay Community Transport Hub.

The Hub is open Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm and can be found at the Locus Centre in the square, Aberfeldy. It offers a range of transport options to the local community from electric bikes to a volunteer led drivers scheme offering lifts.

Upper Tay Transport Development Officer, Emma Burtles said:

“The Hub is really actually literally ‘The Hub’ – The centre of a whole lot of different projects which are trying to improve transport in our area, both for the benefit of the community and for the environment.

“One of the things that has been a problem or an issue for our area for many years is transport and being a rural area, it faces lots of different issues common to many rural areas and transport is one of them.

“We are seeking to improve transport in the area and it’s by offering a range of projects that will benefit everybody and give more options to everybody, so you don’t necessarily just have to rely on a car and if you don’t have a car, your kind of are stuck.

The Hub was launched by a ribbon cutting, attended by John Swinney MSP, Pete Wishart MP and local councillors offering their support.

Image Courtesy of the UTTG

Emma continued:

“The Hub is where we will have a whole lot of information and we will have some electric bikes there which we can look lend out to community members for free.

“It will also have information and a point of contact for booking community lifts which is our volunteer drivers’ scheme and organising anything around that.

“It will also have all that sort of bus information. You can wait there if you’re waiting for a bus and in the future, we are going to have a community bus service. At the moment this is just in in the evolving stage of what that might look like but we’re going to be hoping to launch that later in the year – subject to funding and getting everything in place – so it will also be the centre for that.

The Hub offers a range of resources outside of travel solutions and has plans for the future to introduce new services to further benefit the area.

Image Courtesy of the UTTG

Emma added:

“We also run lots of courses and various things and they are all based there so it’s a kind of of literal hub of many activities and projects.

“We’ve seen this explosion of cycling and walking during the last year where we’ve been in more in our local areas less travelling further afield and walking and cycling is such a fantastic way to travel if you can. It’s good for the environment its good for you, both mentally and physically. And you know you can actually get quite a distance on a bike if you need to, and although some of the roads are a bit busy and you know people feel anxious about that with confidence and with choosing the right route, you can actually often work around that and walking obviously is a very simple, easy way to get around and is so good for our health.

“I do think active travel is a very important part of our transport offering, and if people can be encouraged and enabled to walk and cycle a bit more for those local journeys to perhaps to school or to the shops or to visit a friend then we’ll do what we can to achieve that.”

For more information on the Upper Tay Community Transport Hub, please visit: https://www.uppertaytransport.org/community-transport-hub/ and to contact the Hub, please visit: https://www.uppertaytransport.org/contact/

OR email info@uppertaytransport.org or call 07388 236233

You can stay up to date within Upper Tay Transport on social media at: https://www.facebook.com/UpperTayTransport

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