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#ThinkWinter when you go out into Highland Perthshire this Season

LISTEN: Stuart Younie has advice on how to stay safe outdoors this winter

After months spent locked indoors, many people took to the hills of Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Dunkeld and more in a chance to escape.

#ThinkWINTER is looking to encourage people across Highland Perthshire and beyond to keep safe outdoors this winter.

Celebrating its third year running, Stuart Younie, CEO of Mountaineering Scotland, said: “It has been great to see #ThinkWINTER grow over the last three years and 2020 is set to be our biggest campaign yet.”

This is because the campaign is working with groups who enjoy the vast range of pursuits such as mountain biking, snow sports hiking and more.

Graeme McLean, Head of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, said: “We know that the winter months bring an extra element to mountain biking safely and we are keen to help promote responsible messaging and provide good advice to our community to help keep them safe through the winter months.

“We are delighted to again be part of the #ThinkWINTER campaign to help get these important messages out to as wide and diverse an audience as possible.”

Which Trafford Wilson, Snowsport Scotland CEO, added: “And whilst we love and enjoy these environments, Scotland’s mountains need to be respected and require the right equipment, preparation and skills to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.”

For Stuart Younnie, safety is key when getting outside, and there’s no better way to be ready for the challenges ahead by preparing before going out.

Mr Younnie said: “The equipment you take is really important, lots of warm clothing, really good footwear and really important equipment like a map and a torch as basics.

“If you’re experienced enough, depending on what you might want, ice axes and crampons but you really need to know how to use those and going on a course is a great way to learn.”

More information on where to find these courses can be found on #ThinkWINTER, as well as the websites of the groups involved.

Training and other useful information is available from the following links:

Mountaineering Scotland on: https://www.mountaineering.scot/

Scottish Mountain Rescue on: https://www.scottishmountainrescue.org/

Association of Mountaineering Instructors: https://www.mountain-training.org/membership/ami

Mountain Training on: https://www.mountain-training.org/

Glenmore Lodge on: https://www.glenmorelodge.org.uk/

Scottish Avalanche Information Service on: https://www.sais.gov.uk/

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland on: https://www.dmbins.com/

Snowsports Scotland on: https://snowsportscotland.org/

Police Scotland on: https://www.scotland.police.uk/

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