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This is Your Time Campaign Backs Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Caroline Warburton explains how visit Scotland are encouraging people to come and enjoy Highland Perthshire

The jewels of the Highland Perthshire tourism industry are being ‘shouted from the rooftops’ as part of Visit Scotland’s new campaign, ‘Now Is Your Time’.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people from all over the UK to come to Scotland and see the wonderful and varied attractions we have to make great holiday memories as well as supporting our integral tourism industry.

Regional Leadership Director for the East of Scotland at Visit Scotland, Caroline Warburton, said:

“Now Is Your Time is the name of our new summer campaign, and it’s aimed at the domestic UK market and really what we’re trying to do is to inspire both new and repeat visitors across the UK to take their well-earned summer break up in Scotland and to do that we’re showing the tremendous range of things that we’ve got to do and offer them while they are here.

“We’ve got five themes within the campaign: days out, short breaks, city breaks, family gatherings, and the final theme is escape and connect.

“We’ve been researching and looking at all of our insights about what people are looking for for their summer holiday this year, and we hope that across those five themes we’ve got something for everybody that will really inspire them to come to Scotland this summer.

Figures from Visit Scotland show that almost two thirds of people are keen to revisit places in Scotland that they haven’t visited for years.

The Visit Scotland campaign hopes to highlight activities for all ages and has created content for Scots to share with friends and family nationwide to encourage visitors north of the border.

Caroline added:

“We’ve created a series of videos and online blogs which are all available on visitscotland.com which include businesses in Highland Perthshire and we’re encouraging people to share that content and to share the videos using the hashtags #OnlyInScotland and #VisitScotland.

“We’re looking at lots of different activities from cycling, walking, food and drink, family adventures, even wild swimming, so all of those things are available in Highland Perthshire.

“I really hope that everybody can get behind the campaign and help to shout from the rooftops that a holiday in Scotland is a good thing.

The tourism industry in Highland Perthshire has suffered during the pandemic and the Now Is Your Time campaign hopes to revitalise those businesses that have persevered throughout the last year and reward the hard work of not only the hospitality industry but the connected industries who support it.

Caroline concluded:

“I think there’s no question that tourism is such a key part of the Highland Perthshire economy. It’s certainly one of the key sectors perhaps if not the biggest sector for the region, I would suggest, and I think what COVID-19 has demonstrated is not only how many businesses are involved in tourism, but also how far tourism reaches into the wider economy.

“It’s not just those traditional accommodation businesses that people know of such as accommodation, food and drink, tourist attractions, but also those trades that support those businesses so that might be plumbers and decorators or accountants or cleaners and just how far the tourism industry extends into the economy so I’m hoping but as tourism starts to recover, so will all of those and supporting trains be able to benefit from it from a strong tourism sector in terms of how the sector is faring.”

For more information on the campaign or to plan your own staycation, please visit: https://www.visitscotland.org/

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