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Thoughts on Transport Sought

Photo Credit: Alexander Isreb

The Tayside and Central Scotland Regional Transport Partnership (Tactran) is holding a survey to hear the views of people from across Highland Perthshire and beyond on transport.

Now they want to hear from people all across Angus, Dundee, Perth & Kinross and Stirling Council areas.

Dundee Councillor Richard McCready, Chair, Tactran “It is important that we have a strategic framework in place that recognises the urgent challenges of the climate emergency and the social and economic recovery from the covid-19 pandemic.

“We also need to address the rapidly changing world in terms of how we live and work, and the opportunities technology presents. We need to know what you need the bus, rail, walking, cycling and road networks to do so we can help shape a transport network that meet your and society’s needs.”

Some of the main issues the survey is trying to tackle includes access for 15–25-year-olds looking to use public transport to connect with further education.

Tackling issues of transport poverty and improving connections for people seeking to make medical trips.

Transport is a constantly changing environment, especially after this past year, and the team are looking for the help of the public to decide it’s future.

As the survey says: “There are more uncertainties now than at any other point in terms of where, how, and how often we travel. It will be important to identify what are the future risks and opportunities that we need to take into account as we plan for the future.”

Anyone looking to make a contribution to the plan can go to: https://www.tactran.gov.uk/strategy_rtsconsultation.php

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