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Thousands Turn Out to Celebrate Perthshire Pride

Thousands from across Perthshire turned up to take part in and celebrate Perthshire Pride over the weekend. The celebrations kicked off with a parade from the South Inch car park in Perth, led by Aberfeldy born Actor and LQBTQ+ Activist Alan Cumming.

The parade walked along Tay Street and into the Mill Street Plaza, where the celebrations would continue, with a market of organisations and entertainment from the stage. Chair of Perthshire Pride Scarlet Skylar Rae opened the proceedings before handing over to Alan Cumming to make his address to the crowd.  

Speaking after his speech Alan Cumming told us what the experience meant to him saying: “It felt great. It was very emotional actually, you know I’m a local boy and it was lovely to sort of be able say things to people that I would have liked to have heard when I was growing up, as a little queer boy in Perthshire.”

Mr Cumming went on to explain how important he feels it is to have pride events and to have people like him who grew up without them coming and sharing their experiences: “Well I think two things, I think it’s just great to have these events because they are about community and about people who don’t often feel safe or comfortable to be themselves in public and as well as a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate and also support local business. it’s a great sort of community event.

“But also, at the same time someone like me coming along I think reminds people that this wasn’t always here and also that we have to be vigilant and not take this for granted because people fought very hard for us all to have the rights we have today and for the acceptance we have today and we’ve just kind of got to keep pushing forward. So, it’s both a form of protest actually as well as a celebration.”

Perthshire Pride Chairperson Scarlet Skylar Rae kicked off the proceedings with a speech to the crowd talking about hope and has been telling us about the turnout for this year’s event: “It’s actually been incredible to see thousands of people coming down to Perthshire Pride to support the LQBT Community in Perth. The march was actually really busy and tailed back down half of Tay street, so I’m really impressed.”

Skylar went on to explain how important it is to have people like Alan Cumming, sharing their experiences: “We’ve actually been really lucky in recent years with Ian McKellen and Alan Cumming and even Douglas Stewart the booker prize winner. It’s incredible to hear everyone’s stories, but the same can be said for the individuals cause at the end of the day we’re a community and it’s the individuals stories on the ground and their experiences of the LGBT Community which makes us stronger and makes us who we are.”

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