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Traffic Management Starts on the A9 from Today

Photo Credit: David Dixon

New traffic management starts on the A9 by Bankfoot to allow for work on the road to take place throughout the week.

24-hour lights will be running for everyday to allow for the Transport Scotland team to carry out work on farm access from Bankfoot.

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: “Two-way temporary traffic signals will be in place on the B867, approximately 50 metres south of Taste Perthshire, for one week from Monday 21 June, to allow works to be undertaken to tie-in the farm access road to the B867.

“The two-way temporary traffic signals will be in place 24/7 and will be manually controlled during normal working hours (8 AM to 6 PM) to safely manage traffic flows and minimise disruption to road users.”

As well as the lights managing traffic lights in place, drivers coming out of Bankfoot and onto the A9 will start to use the new slip ways.

A explained: “From 8 AM on Monday 21 June 2021, traffic entering or exiting Bankfoot via the B867 at the A9 Bankfoot South Junction will be switched onto the new permanent slip roads.  The new northbound carriageway of the A9 trunk road remains under construction, therefore traffic entering and exiting Bankfoot South Junction will be directed over a short section of temporary carriageway to join the B867 or A9 northbound respectively.”

More information about updates on the A9 can be found on: https://www.transport.gov.scot/projects/a9-dualling-perth-to-inverness/a9-luncarty-to-pass-of-birnam/

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