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Transport Scotland Looks to Hear Views on A9 Dualling

Transport Scotland are looking to hear views from Highland Perthshire’s residents from the ongoing roadworks on the A9 dualling.

With COVID restrictions in place, its been impossible to hold an exhibition in person which usually would showcase the work which has undergone and further work coming up.

A spokesperson for transport Scotland said: “During lockdown it was not possible to progress some preparatory work for the design of our road schemes, such as public engagement events and site surveys. We are now looking at how we can engage safely with locals and road users, still ensuring accessibility for all.”

Instead, Transport Scotland are showcasing an online exhibit where all of the expected information can be found.

This is a part of the project’s public engagement, here Highland Perthshire residents can have their say in the future of the project.

Transport Scotland’s spokesperson added: “As we further progress the design of all our road projects, we will be consulting with the public on our plans for individual schemes, albeit in a virtual way.

“This initial virtual exhibition is a chance for the public to comment on how we do it and we would encourage anyone with an interest to view it online and give us your views before the closing date for comments this Thursday.”

The online exhibit features a story map which explains the entire project in a series of slick visual transition all separated into each aspect of the undertaking.

Transport Scotland emphasised: “We realise that it is still not possible to hold public exhibitions in venues for the foreseeable future so we need to look at other ways to engage with the public so we can deliver the road schemes we have been progressing across the country.

“We have been investigating a range of methods for safe and meaningful engagement and this virtual exhibition is seeking the public’s views on how they might work for them.”

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