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Tummel Bridge Local Encourages Highland Perthshire to Donate Spoons to Africa

LISTEN: Lillian Mackenzie explains why a simple spoons makes such a difference

Lillian Mackenzie retired 11 years ago, and since then she’s been out to make a difference. Right now, she’s calling on everyone across Highland Perthshire to scour their drawers for spare spoons which would find a welcome home in Africa.

After spending time in Malawi with the Banana Box Trust, Lillian noticed children trying to eat their food with their hands, simply because they didn’t have crockery, which is causing life threatening illnesses to children living in poverty.

Lillian has been out several times with her husband as she explained: “So, we’ve been out to Malawi, I think about three times. We were meant to be out – I’ve lost the year with COVID – in 2020, but that was cancelled. And we don’t know what’s going to happen, but we will be back we’ll get there.”

For the Banana Box Trust, it is all about helping people up and out of destitution. This is why they are helping schools in African villages to grow their own crop to feed themselves and use the surplus to make the school sustainable.

Although, in order for the children to eat, they have to be able to do it safely. Lillian explained: “Apart from the fact, the porridge is burning hot and they can’t actually get their fingers in, and the only ones who can are the the wee ones.

“So, they don’t get enough to eat in the time allotted. Well, we need spoons then, we can’t have these kids using their fingers because they’re always got, awful, a lot worse illnesses.”

This is why something as small as a spoon, deserted in a drawer for years, could make a huge impact on the lives of a child living in destitution.

Spoons are also small and easy to transport far, whereas it’s easier for the charity to buy new bowls, which makes them ideal for making a big impact.

Lillian said: “So many children can’t afford a bowl. So they grub around and find crisp bag and sugar bags, and they use that. We’re not appealing for bowls because it’s so expensive to send out misshape bowls, the spoons, luckily fit into the banana boxes, layered in between clothes, blankets, things like that.”

Lillian is collecting spoons at her home, as well as in Aberfeldy. You can get in touch with her on: lilianmack@btinternet.com

You can also make donations at our studio through our letterbox.

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