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Tune in and Dress up for the Heartland New Year Party

LISTEN: Cathy Joss explains how the party will be different this year

Can Pitlochry, Highland Perthshire and beyond still celebrate New Year without the hallmark Pitlochry Street Party? The answer is yes!

Starting the same time as the party usually would, the festivity is coming into the home, rather than on the street.

From 1pm to 4pm, the ionic Vale of Atholl Pipe Band, award winning Tunes in the Hoose and school children with their traditional music take to the airwaves on Heartland.

All it takes to tune in online is to click the ‘Listen Live’ button at the top right and corner of the website.

Station Manager Alistair Smith says “When I heard the news that the Street Party on New Year’s Day was cancelled it was devastating for the area, but in the circumstances, it had to be done. Then I began to think, if you can’t come to the party, then the party should come to you.”

Airing on 97.5 FM within Highland Perthshire, and streaming online, the programme is free to anyone who’s ready for a dance or just a bit of festive fun.

Alistair Smith adds: “I contacted Cathy Joss, the Chairperson of the Street Party team and suggested we could do something on the radio, but wasn’t offering to take over the Street Party but hoped we could do something different for this year. Cathy agreed and gave me her blessing.”

Just as any New Year Street Party would do, any other year, Cathy Joss will start the programme and this year Heartland Presenter Eddie Rose will host the show.

Chair of the Pitlochry Street Party Team Cathy Joss said: “We were delighted when Heartland FM contacted us about doing the Street Party on the radio, as we can still bring the atmosphere of the Street Party to listener in Highland Perthshire, throughout Scotland and across the world keeping Pitlochry and the loss of the tourist market firmly in people’s minds.

“So thanks to the Heartland FM team the 2021 Street Party on the radio is ready to be broadcast on air.”

Music isn’t the only festive fervour either, Vale of Atholl Pipe Band’s, Drum Major, Bo Walker, Martin McLeod from Tunes in the Hoose and Heartland’s Presenter, Katherine Liley will all be joining in conservation to share their thoughts and feelings.

All this means that the same party is coming inside rather than to the street in the most unprecedented celebration of the century.

Heartland’s recording of the broadcast has been done within the safety of COVID regulations by using online technology to stick within the rules.

To help keep Heartland broadcasting quality productions such as the party and day to day shows and more, visit the crowdfunding page to find out more: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/heartland

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