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Tunes in the Hoose up for Scottish Trad Award

LISTEN: Martin McLeod explains how the community music group works and what the award means to them.

It’s the community spirit which Highland Perthshire will remember looking back on the pandemic, and for musician Martin McLeod community has been the centre of his lockdown experience.

Mr McLeod organised the Tunes in Hoose online musical community where musicians recorded themselves playing in their homes for his son to edit together in an ensemble.

Now, the group of 850 plus musicians are up for a Scottish Trad Award, which celebrates Scottish traditional music.

Reacting to the nomination, Mr McLeod, said: “We’re delighted actually, it’s the Hands up for Trad annual award, which is an organisation which really celebrates all that’s good in Scottish traditional music.

“Every year they have these awards in lots of different categories, this year it’s a little bit different, usually it’s covered on television but this year it’s a little different because everybody’s online with what’s happening with COVID.

“And we’re one of the nominees for our particular category, which is community group of the year in the Scottish tradition, which we are delighted about.”

‘One of our friends in Shetland Peter Wood’ inspired the community group from the start of lockdown by ‘playing every day, a set of tunes to his students and to his followers on social media’ explained Mr McLeod.

To bring the community together, each musician records themselves then their clips all get edited to play at once.

Mr McLeod explained: “So I recorded myself playing the fiddle along with what Peter had recorded on accordion and my son, Martin, is a filmmaker so he has video editing software, that’s what he does.

“So, he was at home, not a lot happening, so he pieced the two of us together.”

After posting it to social media ‘within hours we had hundreds of people liking it an following it’ says Mr McLeod.

“So, we kind of took it forward from there and called the page Tunes on the Hoose and said anybody else want to join in with us feel free.”

Celebrating the over 1,000,000 views, 500 productions and hours spent joining in song to keep up a good spirit throughout the lockdown, Tunes in the Hoose is open to public voting for the award.

Talking about what the award would mean, Mr McLeod, said: “Well it really, would be a great recognition for the efforts of everybody.

“Because we’re a community group, we’re in the community group section, so we’ve got 900 people or so who’ve joined in with us and it’s basically recognising them.

“We’ve had so many views world wide that its just a recognition for the group.”

‘We’re delighted to be nominated’ said Mr McLeod, ‘because there’s lot of other great nominees in there as well, in all different categories.’

For Mr McLeod, ‘it’s great jut to be nominated and we’ll see where it goes after that.’

To support Tunes in the Hoose in the public voting follow: https://projects.handsupfortrad.scot/scotstradmusicawards/mg-alba-scots-trad-music-awards-2020-tunes-in-the-hoose/?fbclid=IwAR2dUVjkXzsY8xVYpiLUX3xF0dDaS4Dlg6tHXqXIHC265lgrZc5saM7HvvU

And Tunes in the Hoose can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/TunesInTheHoose/

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