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Unlock a film poem by Jim Mackintosh shares memories and future hopes for theatre

LISTEN: Jim Macintosh shares what his poem, ‘unlock’, is all about

Perthshire Poet Jim Mackintosh has produced Unlock a film poem, weaving together people’s memories and hopes around live performance and theatre.

The poem which is available on Perth Concert Hall and Perth Theatre’s Keep Going Together blog and on YouTube, is a unique passion project that shows how much Theatre is being missed.

Jim Mackintosh the creator of the project explains that “the piece was inspired by the film poem Everyone Means Something that I created for Perth Theatre’s Fun Palaces Festival in October. We asked members of the public, actors and those involved in the creative arts to film what they miss and what they look forward to seeing once our theatres can open again.”

One of the most powerful moments in the piece is the contribution from the late Perth Actor Andy Gray, to whom the poem is dedicated. Andy’s piece was filmed via a large TV screen hung in the Theatre, allowing his voice to fill it again.

Jim goes on to explains that for him the contribution from Andy Gray, “was a powerful moment and highlighted for me how much we miss our precious Arts Industry and the gaps which there will be in the audiences and on stage where friends and loved ones should be.”

Theatre goers, staff and performers will be hoping to get back into theatres soon and begin doing what they love again. Jim Mackintosh explains that while there are no plans for the future of Unlock, he does consider it saying, “do we do a third one which is all bells and whistle and marching bands” with a “big fancy parade in through the front door of Perth theatre.”

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