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‘Uplifting’ Stories Sought by Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

This week marks Air Ambulance Week, the time the nation takes to recognize it’s helo heroes and airborne aces, now Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) is asking for members of the public to come forward with their stories from the time SCAA impacted their lives.

In just August alone, SCAA responded to 65 emergencies across Scotland, the seven year old charity based in Scone, costs around £4 million every year to keep the life line running.

As David Craig, SCAA’s chief executive, say’s, their helicopters could be out ‘on average, it’s about one, one and a half [responses] per day.’

Mr Craig added: “Roughly half of our calls, of which there’s now been approaching three thousand over those seven years, is predominately due to trauma.

“So that could be, road traffic collisions, or it could be cardiac, or we’ve also got something called emergency transfers, in the very West of Scotland, or very remote and rural locations, that we have to get patients to hospital as quickly as possible.

“A large amount of what we do, probably about 85 per cent of that, is effectively a nine nine nine call.”

Now SCAA is hoping to hear the stories from lives effected after an incident they were involved in, to help spread the word of the life saving word being done.

With thousands of lives touched, Mr Craig explained: “Many thank us and give something back once the healing process is underway and one of the most valuable things they can do for us is share their story.

“No one tells of the work we do as powerfully and emotively as our patients.

“Their often harrowing yet uplifting personal experiences are a testament to the daily life-saving efforts, professionalism and commitment of our crews as they battle to overcome distance, time constraints, challenging weather, difficult terrain and life-threatening injury and illness.

“These stories are what inspire the people of Scotland to get behind SCAA and fund our flights – their donations are vital to keeping our service in the air and patient stories are key in highlighting why there is that need.”

As a charity, the service needs public support to fund the call outs which reach those who most need them when they might least expect help.

To get in touch with SCAA, you can contact them on their email at: media@scaa.org.uk or, alternatively, by the public relations number: 07778 779888.

Find our full interview with David Craig below:

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