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Upper Tay Transport Group Holding Two Public Meetings This Week for their Bus Project

The Upper Tay Transport Group will be holding two public meetings in the Aberfeldy Town hall as part of their Bus Project which involved working with bus providers to keep services running and the creation of a community bus.

The meetings will take place on Wednesday 21st of September at 7:30pm and Thursday 22nd of September at 10am, with the option for anyone who is unable to attend to submit any points, queries or concerns via email.

Emma Burtles from Upper Tay Transport explains more about the Bus Project saying: “We have two elements to our bus project, one of which is the existing bus services and we’re trying to ensure we retain all our bus services, as there are threats of cuts going on at the moment and that we ensure those buses are as accessible and appropriately timed as possible.

“So, we’re really just trying to work with stagecoach and other providers to ensure that our bus services is the best it can be, given the constrains of rurality and population.

“The second part of it is that we are trying to develop a community bus, that will connect community that are currently not connected and connect people to services, which could be the health service, it could be the co-op, it could be connecting to other transport so, for example to get to the station.”  

A potential route plan is in place which will connect Kinloch Rannoch to Aberfeldy and link KIllin and the west to Aberfeldy, but Upper Tay Transport are keen to hear from people about what they feel the bus should and could do.

Anyone with questions, queries or concerns about bus travel, who is unable to attend the meeting can email Upper Tay Transport at info@uppertaytransport.org.

To find out more about all the work Upper Tay Transport do visit: https://uppertaytransport.org/

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