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Upper Tay Transport Wants your Views on a Community Bus

LISTEN: Emma Burtles explains what Upper Tay Transport already do to help improve links in Highland Perthshire and what is coming up

Upper Tay Transport are the organisation (UTTG) aiming to improve transport links in Highland Perthshire by offering more options to get from place to place.

Currently, they are helping to link people with drivers who are already going from one place to another so that they can give a lift to someone who couldn’t get out otherwise.

Now, the group is arranging cycling instructions as one option and they’re looking to hear from people in Highland Perthshire for their view’s on setting up a community bus.

Emma Burtles, the groups develop officer, said: “We really encourage everybody to get involved, transport is something that affects us all.”

This comes after The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation regarded Aberfeldy and Kinloch Rannoch as one of the most access deprived communities in Scotland.

Discussing the prospects of a community bus, Emma Burtles said: “The other big thing is to develop a community bus service, at the moment we don’t know what that looks like but we’re asking the community to tells us what they think would work and what they think would work.

“We’re going to be putting out a consultation on our website and we’ll send that out as widely as we can.”

At the moment, through their community lifts project, people in more remote part of Highland Perthshire can get in touch to arrange a lift to places they need to go, such as the shops or dentist appointments.

The service is exempt from the Scottish Government advice suggesting that people do not travel in shared journeys or cars since this is providing an essential service.

Users can pay a ‘token amount’ to drivers to cover their running costs, such as fuel, and UTTG is ensuring that both passengers and drivers wear a mask during their trip.

While giving instructions on how to mend bicycle punctures, they have also bought e-bikes which can be used to get from village to village around Highland Perthshire.

More information on the work the Upper Tay Transport Group are doing can be found in this months edition of IRIS.

Follow these links to get in touch with UTTG:



Or email the group on: uttg2019@gmail.com

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