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Variant Originating from India Circulating in Tayside

NHS Tayside is calling for people in Highland Perthshire, Perth and Dundee to be cautious of the increase of the Coronavirus across the health board area.

Their plea comes from the rise in cases and introduction of the B.1.617.2 variant originating in India.

Dr Fletcher said, “I am very concerned about the significant rise in the number of cases of the virus in Dundee over the last week.

“We expected a small increase in case numbers due to the easing of restrictions, but we now have the more infectious variant of the virus which was first identified in India circulating in Tayside and this is contributing to increasing infection rates. 

“It is very important for every single one of us that we quickly get on top of this developing situation and slow down the spread of the virus, and we need everyone’s help to do this. We have done so well in Tayside but it’s vital that we all act now and continue to work together to drive the number of new cases back down. 

“My plea to the people of Tayside and particularly in Dundee is to isolate immediately if you have any symptoms and get tested even if you don’t have any symptoms. 

“Also, please get both doses of the vaccine when you are offered it to ensure you gain maximum protection against the virus.” 

Isolating is the first step people who are symptomatic should take, otherwise, people should remain vigilant and keep to the rules when out and about.

Dr Pamela Johnston, Operational Medical Director for NHS Tayside said, “In January our hospitals and health services were very busy with sick COVID-19 patients. None of our clinical teams want to see this happen again so we have a bit of a plea. 

“Please be cautious. Please keep following the rules in terms of socialising and mixing indoors and even outdoors. 

“Stay 2 metres apart where you need to and please keep washing your hands and keep your masks on. 

“If you do this, we hope that you will stay safe and well and avoid having to be admitted to hospital.” 

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