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Visitors Asked to Act Responsibly in the Countryside

The Perth and Kinross Council is asking people who are enjoying the outdoors to enjoy their time responsibly.

They’re highlighting fires as a big danger this weekend since the hot weather has dried out a lot of the nature in Highland Perthshire.

These conditions leave a good chance for fires to become more difficult to control, making it quicker for them to get out of hand.

Arek Nowrotek, visitor management project coordinator, said : “We would like all visitors to Perthshire beauty spots, to enjoy them responsibly and leave the sites as they would like to find them. Key messages for this weekend are no fires. We didn’t have any rain in a while and everything is very dry.”

As well as fires, Mr Nowrotek is also asking people making them most of the outdoors to clean up after themselves.

The slogan behind the council’s new visitor management rangers says ‘love it like you live here’.

Mr Nowrotek added: “Take your little home empty packages are much lighter than the full ones you brought and also respect the beautiful countryside.”

Anyone with concerns about irresponsible behaviour over the weekend can get in touch with: vivitormanagmentgroup@pkc.gov.uk

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