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WATCH: Molly Arbuthnot Launches David the Pizzly Bear

WATCH: Molly Arbuthnot and Camilla Seddon Explains what David the Pizzly Bear is all about

Dunkeld author Molly Arbuthnott is releasing her eighth children’s book which is encouraging a personal and environmental message.

David the Pizzly Bear is a story about a grizzly-polar bear hybrid who’s learning to embrace his identity against the backdrop of melting polar ice caps.

Molly Arbuthnott explained: “It’s about pizzly bears, I learned right there at the Royal geographic society. David Attenborough had a program about what he was doing, and he mentioned these pizzly bears that are forming because the polar ice caps are melting.

“So, the polar bears are coming south and then they’re meeting the Grizzlies and that meeting to form this hybrid called pizzly and pizzlies are infertile. So, there’s worry that these pizzlies are take over one day and I thought that was a good idea for a story and it can educate people as well.”

For Molly, the story is about inspiring children to be themselves while learning about a wider issue.

She added: “I think if we want to do any change in our world or make any meaningful differences it’s children, we need to approach because they’re the ones who are going to be making the changes and if they’re aware of what’s right, and what’s wrong and being brave when they’re young, then hopefully they’ll continue to be when they’re older.”

For her eighth book, Molly teamed up with artist Camilla Seddon and this book was her first children’s illustration.

Camilla Seddon said: “So I suppose the challenge was getting the right balance between representing the bear as a wild animal and trying to represent what, what pizzly bears look like, which is new to everybody, but also not anthropomorphizing too much.”

Molly’s book is not just raising awareness of the growing numbers of Pizzly bears but also raising money for charities tackling the issues.

Molly said: “The book supports Practical Action, who, a charity based in London who do lots of environmental projects, they support lots of projects all over the world and they have resources for schools. So, if your teacher, they have the so much that children can, or a parent, that children can use.

“And we’re also supporting the grizzly bear foundation as well, who are based in Canada and they do a lot for the grizzly bears.”

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