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We did it! Heartland Raises Over £30,000!

Heartland FM’s overwhelmed to say that we’ve not only passed our goal of £25,000 but surpassed it too.

In total, our Crowdfunder raised £31,106.84 with the help and support of our incredible listeners.

Trustee Kate Howie said: “We’re absolutely thrilled about that, and I just want to thank you all, on behalf of Heartland radio, for your generous, generous, donations.

“It doesn’t matter what they were, it’s what you thought of our lovely radio station and what you felt that you could give. So, a big, big, thank you from all of us at Heartland.”

With the support of 356 people pledging their donations, Heartland can continue to broadcast our rich range of local voices across Highland Perthshire’s airwaves.

We’re here to be the voice of Highland Perthshire, and with this support we can continue to do that despite the knock the pandemic has had on our conventional income.

Kate added: “I think everyone knows that we’re all in difficult times, that our only income is from our sales and marking, we’re not funded by regular funding from the government or local authority.

“So, this is really important, because the funds now that are coming our from the government are very specific.

“I’ve been looking at some today, and quite rightly so, a lot of them are for businesses to keep them going while they had to be closed because of the COVID restrictions.

“So, this part is so important for us for the next few months to keep us going to keep us going and to look at how we’re going to look ahead.”

Looking to the future, we’re now thinking about how we can keep this relationship up with our dedicated audience.

One way is by considering how we might put together a ‘Heartland supporters group’, which future’s going to become more certain as time moves on.

Kate explained: “Because that’s one of the things we’re going to look at very soon.

“There will be some sort of supporters organisation, so they can give us their views and hopefully participate.”

Once again, Heartland couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who’s made a donation, big or small, which has helped keep us playing in the car radios, kitchen counters and homes in both Highland Perthshire and across the world.

The Crowdfunder has come to an end, but we’re keeping the page open for anyone who wants to make a donation now, if people feel they missed the chance during these challenging times or if they want to pledge again.

Details to this page can be found on: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/heartland?utm_source=www.heartland.scot&utm_medium=widget&utm_content=click&utm_campaign=Join%20together%20to%20keep%20Heartland%20FM%20alive

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