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Wee Choo Choo’s Petition to be Heard on Monday

The family behind the proposed Thai restaurant running from inside a restored railway carriage in Pitlochry, ‘the Wee Choo Choo’, are appealing to the council to reconsider on Monday (January 10).

Fergus, Isara and Mia McCallum started a petition which reached 1,185 signatures calling on the council to ‘rehear the matter’.

Mr McCallum explained: “We as a family believe that our restored train restaurant will bring new jobs and new tourists and help our community grow. 

“We will ensure that all spaces lost are replaced at our cost.

“We think our community want this opportunity, and if PKC disagrees, then we need to be realistic and work with a council in Scotland that listens to its communities and wants inward investment.”

On 14 June 2021, the Perth and Kinross Council held a meeting to discuss if they wished to let out some of the car parking spaces in the Rie-Achan Road Car Park for commercial use.

In this meeting they decided against this, which prevented the McCallum’s plans letting out some of the car park spaces as a home for the restored railway carriages.

The council did not decide to specifically not allow them to use their space for this purpose, but because they did not want to let out the spaces for any commercial use at that time.

In the report to the committee, council officers explained: “It is important to note however that the Property Sub-Committee was not being asked to consider the merits of Petitioner’s proposal (to which the reference to the 12 parking spaces is pertinent), nor was it being asked to consider leasing land in the car park to the Petitioner.

“It was being asked whether it agreed to part of the car park being used for Class 3 Business use and if so, to then advertise such an opportunity and invite proposals for any interested party.”

The family will be making their case during the meeting which starts at 10 am this coming Monday.

Anyone wishing to watch the proceedings can view the stream on: https://perth-and-kinross.cmis.uk.com/perth-and-kinross/Meetings/tabid/70/ctl/ViewMeetingPublic/mid/397/Meeting/3219/Committee/103/Default.aspx

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