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The Birks Celebrates Father’s Day Weekend with a Drive-in Cinema

LISTEN: Fiona MacEwan explains how the drive in cinema works

The weekend of the 18th-20th June is set to be filled with fun for residents of Highland Perthshire with football and Fathers Day to look forward to but also the drive-in movie event at the Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy.

Fiona MacEwan from Birks Cinema said:

“We’ve got 10 screens over the weekend and we try to cater for as many people as possible.

“We have got some things with fathers in mind on Sunday but on Friday we’re kicking off with Highlander. That’s followed by a bit of music so that’s Rocket Man.

“On Saturday, we’ve got Moana, Twister, and we’ve got the new Godzilla vs Kong movie which is just out, and then we’re finished off with A Star is Born.

“Then on Sunday we’re kicking off with Zootropolis and then we’re going to blast from the past to see E.T. then Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and finishing off with Pretty Woman.

Birks Cinema has gone to great lengths over the pandemic to provide content for movie buffs such as their online movie streaming service.

Nothing quite beats the experience of going to the cinema however and the drive-in is set to be even more special being set amongst beautiful surroundings with a selection of local companies attending to sell food and drinks.

Fiona continued:

“We’re going to have some great food. I’m really looking forward to that – woodfired pizza, slow roast lamb. We are going to be selling some tea, coffee and soft drinks and it’s really great to be able to offer these fantastic, fantastic food from the producers.

Birks Cinema hopes to replicate the success of last years drive-in events and this year is scheduled to be even more spectacular, taking place earlier in the year.

Fiona added:

“We were very lucky last year we had great weather as well and it will be especially interesting running one this weekend as we’re going to have quite a lot of daylight which is different from last year because last year was later in the year that we showed these films. So that will be interesting to see hopefully a sunset while we’re out on the field.

“It’s a great big eight and a half metre LED screen and… we’re surrounded by in the mountains in the background, and last year we did some drone footage of the site, which was just amazing. Everybody’s very happy to be out and about and able to do something, safely.

“We’re all very excited.

“Following this drive-in and we’ll be actually trailering some of the films that we’re going to be starting to show up on the second of July onwards in cinema, so we’re going to be trailering new things that are coming along.

Tickets for the event cost £25 per car, each car with five guests.

To book your family a spot at Birks Cinema drive-in, please visit: https://birkscinema.co.uk/whats-on/drive-in-cinema/

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