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‘We’re all so pleased that we made it’ after Heartland passes Crowdfunder

LISTEN: Chris Stanton talks with Ramsay Beattie about Heartland’s progress with it’s crowdfunder

After passing our Crowdfunder target of £25,000, the entire team’s been left ‘gushing’ in appreciation.

Heartland’s asked the people of Highland Perthshire to raise this money to see us through the coming months of the pandemic as our conventional income slows down.

Chris Stanton, Head of Marketing, said: “It was just a thrilling scenario on Thursday to actually meet our target and of course we had a very successful crowdfunding appeal which we’re all just absolutely thrilled about.

“And as I sit here, the target on the crowdfunding page is at £26,497.”

Every donation, big and small, has meant so much for keeping our airwaves alive with local content.

At the moment there are still donations coming in and others to be counted so we will be able to announce the full figure at the end of the week.

Chris explained: “On top of that we’ve had some cash and cheques coming in as part of the crowdfunding appeal and we need to include those in the full total.

“We want to get that right, so rather than rush and send out a figure today or tomorrow, we’d rather just take our time, get that figure right.

“And we’re hoping on Thursday to give a grand total which we will be blowing trumpets, whistles and bells because we’re just absolutely thrilled with It.”

We’re looking forward to being able to announce the full and final figure but in the meantime, we owe a massive thank you to everyone who got involved.

Chris added: “Just a massive thank you from all the team, we’re all just gushing an thankful that we made it, so pleased that all sort of people from within the community have come to help us, every walk of  life has stood up and counted.

“And we’re just so grateful, this is a successful story and we’re so proud about it, it could have been, for all we know, a very different story but it wasn’t, it was a successful one.

“And we just couldn’t thank everybody enough, it’s just been inspiring in every respect.”

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